At Doyle Sails we are more than happy to assist with your requirements for either your company, boat or team. Adding a personalised logo is one of the best ways to do this. We often add departments and boat names to our clothing so we want to offer this service to you too!

We offer a diverse range of garment branding all of which are described below. If you are not sure what method is best for you, please feel free to email as we are happy to advise you. 


The tried and true branding method. Your logo or motif, as well as the names of individual staff members or whatever you require, can be embroidered in almost any size and any place; on the front, back, collar, cuffs or waistband.

Embroidery is now commonplace in the fashion industry for  that one-off unique designer garment.

- Always stylish and reliable.
- Excellent resistance to wear and abrasion.
- Madeira Threads used.
- JPG and PDF file required to guide logo reproduction

Click here for embroidery thread colours. Note - colour representation can be different on various screens.

Screen Printing

Traditional screen printing is a standard service. Using the latest equipment  we are able to reproduce images, logos & text.
Screen printing is the best branding method for large runs.

Water based inks will be used on white fabrics, with the harder-wearing plastisol used on the darker fabrics.

- Great image quality achieved from using latest screen printing technology.
- Pantone colour reproduction.
- Excellent resistance to wear and abrasion.

 Click here for Pantone Colours. Note - colour representation can be different on various screens.

Cut Vinyl

Used extensively on T-shirts, Polo's & business shirts, cut vinyl is the best branding solution with minimal time and cost which can  reproduce a sharp-edged logo that won't crack or fade.

- Digitally cut vinyl ensures sharp image reproduction.
- Low set-up costs (no films/screens required).
- Excellent resistance to wear and abrasion.
- Will not crack, or fade like inks can.
- Fast production turn-around.

Digital Print Transfer

Digital printed transfers are similar to a hot mark vinyl print but are printed in high-resolution full colour.

This is the ultimate alternative to screen printing for customers who have a small order or  for customers who want a superior result.
Also great for photo reproduction.

- High-resolution full-colour prints.
- Digitally cut to any shape.
- Excellent resistance to wear and abrasion.
- Fast production turn-around.